London — 20 March 2012
Olympic torch route unveiled to public

With just 130 days to go until London 2012 finally gets under way, LOCOG have announced the route that the Olympic torch will take around the country as it winds its way to the capital.

The torch will start its marathon journey around the UK on 19 May when it leaves from Land’s End.

Over the following 70 days it will supposedly pass within 10 miles of 95% of the UK population, be carried by 8000 people and cover some 8000 miles.

But it is the London homecoming that we are interested in. The torch will finally enter the capital on Saturday 21 July (day 64) in Greenwich and zig-zag its way across the city until it enters the Olympic Stadium in front of a global audience on day 70.

Details of the weeklong procession around London are now available on this map, but the lovely people at the BBC have helpfully written down the precise route for the first five days so you see just how close to you the torch will pass.

Day 64 (21 July) Greenwich to Waltham Forest
Day 65 (22 July) Redbridge to Bexley
Day 66 (23 July) Lewisham to Wandsworth
Day 67 (24 July) Kingston to Ealing
Day 68 (25 July) Harrow to Haringey
Day 69 (26 July) Camden to Westminster
Day 70 (27 July) Hampton Court to the Olympic Park

The exact route for the final two days is expected later this month.

The outfits to be worn by the torch bearers were also unveiled by Olympian Jonathon Edwards and Boris Johnson in front of bemused children, our favourite being the child to the right of Edwards who steadfastly refused to get into the spirit of things! (see above)

It all seems so real now doesn’t it?


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