London — 13 March 2012
Campaign for a happy ending: Speak Up For Libraries
photo credit: Yukon White Light

Spare a thought for the humble public library. Library services have borne the considerable brunt of public spending cuts in recent years. Of the 4,612 libraries in the UK, an estimated 10% are currently either closed or under threat of closure. The number of paid staff in libraries has fallen by 4% over the past year, whilst the number of volunteers has increased by 22%.

Speak Up For Libraries looks to reverse this worrying trend. On March 13, a rally will take place from 11.30 at Central Hall Westminster, Storey’s Gate, Westminster, London SW1H 9NH, followed by a lobby of Parliament beginning at 14.30. Speak Up For Libraries is a coalition of organisations and campaigners working to protect libraries and library staff, now and in the future.

Those attending the rally will hear high profile speakers telling the same story – libraries are a valued and vital resource. A ‘pop up’ library will be on-site in order for visitors to see for themselves the many faces a modern library. If you are heading down to Westminster, fill out this simple form to let the organisers know you’re on your way.

Speak Up For Libraries
Tuesday March 13 2012

from 11.30
Underground: Westminster



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