Film — 02 March 2012
Minnie Driver is Hunky Dory: film openings this weekend

Minnie Driver, where have you been? The last time we saw you, a career as a singer in the vein of Nelly Furtado (“Like a Bird” Nelly – not “Maneater” Nelly) was being carved out. Oh, and you were in that shocking TV series The Deep. Dark times. But then we caught you on Graham Norton the other night, and forgot how lovely you are. Is it National Treasure time? We’ll see. Hunky Dory looks like a step in the right direction, with Driver starring as a Welsh drama teacher attempting to direct a musical version on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Reviews look promising. Minnie, all is forgiven.

Big US comedies are the staple this weekend. This Means War pits Reece Witherspoon against Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, while the buzz surrounding Wanderlust surrounds the on-screen nudity of La Aniston. In contrast, Austrian drama Michael - despite the bleak subject matter – is the best reviewed of the bunch.

Friday 2 March

Blank City
Breaking Wind
Carancho (15)
Hunky Dory (15)
If Not Us, Who?
Khodorkovsky (12A)
London, Paris, New York
Michael (18)
Project X (18)
This Means War (12A)
Wanderlust (15)

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