London — 16 February 2012
Blame it on Rio: London’s biggest 6 day Brazilian carnival returns

We love a bit of Mexican food, but burritos are already feeling a bit 2011. This year, you need to look further south as Latin American is turning into this year’s big food trend in London. Hot on the heels of Cabana, the Brazilian mini-chain at sites in Westfield and St Giles, are Peruvian restaurants Ceviche in Frith Street and Lima London in Fitzrovia; and then there’s Sushi Samba in the City, which fuses Brazilian and Peruvian cooking with the influences of the region’s Japanese population.

As Brazil’s 2012 Carnival approaches, Brazilian restaurant, bar and nightclub Guanabara is limbering up for its 8th annual 6-day Carnival, which kicks off onThursday 16 February.

Expect Brazilian bands and DJs, samba dancers, Capoeira performers, a masked ball, happy hours, free dance lessons and extended opening hours that mean calling in sick for work next week may need to be on the cards.

“Carnival at Guanabara is the closest you can get to actually being in Rio or Salvador,” says resident DJ Limao. “The homesick Brazilians descend upon us and party with a contagious, non-stop energy that transforms the cold London February weather and infects our English customers with the heat, passion and joy of the greatest Carnival on earth.” We like any quote that includes the word ‘infects’ as a good result.

Highlights include the 25-strong Ritmos De Cidade taking to the stage, a Masque Ball featuring Paraiso Samba School and DJ Limao’s samba marathon, a night of Forro featuring Zeu Azevedo & Forródaqui Band and Carnival Carioca (Rio’s Carnival) with a performance from Minibloco & DJ Fred Salgueiro. Micareta Da Bahia (Bahia Carnival) closes the Carnival complete with live music from Salvador’s Tribo and singer Elizangela De Bahia. A full line-up can be found here. Guanabara also has an extended license for the opening weekend, with the party going on until 4.00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So don’t count on sleep.

Carnival 2012
Thursday 16 February – Wednesday 22 February 2012

Parker Street (Corner of Drury Lane)
Covent Garden
London WC2B 5PW
Underground: Covent Garden


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