Transport — 01 February 2012
TfL say you can all use the games lanes after all – we think
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With the prospect of special ‘games lanes’ being set aside for athletes and Olympic VIPs, Londoners have started to think ahead in order to plan their daily commutes.

The problem has been that nobody really has much of an idea just how bad or difficult getting around town might (or might not) be.

TfL has been busy issuing online maps and websites to highlight where they believe bottlenecks are most likely to occur, asking employers to consider letting staff work from home, and even suggesting that we all go for a beer (not together).

Now, however, it would appear that even TfL are starting to have doubts as to the veracity of their plans. This morning it was announced that the lanes will be ‘deactivated’ at certain parts of the day to ease congestion.

Scout London is wondering quite how the public will be advised of their operational status, something that has yet to be revealed. Nor is it clear to us how organisers will choose when these lanes will open for general use. We’re just spit-balling here, but we’re guessing it will be hard to predict the movements of the estimated 80,000 officials, athletes, sponsors and media that will be entitled to use them.

Organisers certainly won’t have much time to react to any potential problems that do arise either, as the games lanes only come into operation just 48 hours before the start of London 2012.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson, meanwhile, spent yesterday urging Olympic VIPs to do the right thing and take the tube around town instead “because they’ll love it”.

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