London — 26 October 2011
Secret cash machines: St Pancras Station

Scout London doesn’t understand why Londoners aren’t taking advantage of the range of facilities that St Pancras International has to offer. Europe’s longest Champagne bar, a pub run by the always great Geronimo Inns, good lunch facilities: St Pancras holds its own when compared to New York’s Grand Central Station.

At first glace the station appears to be devoid of cash machines. Fear not – due to some very clever planning, the Eurostar terminus is full of them. The majority of ATMs are hidden behind escalator shafts, a good use of what otherwise would have been dead space. Run by little known Raphaels Private Bank, Scout also feared we were in for a scam, but we checked them out and everything appears to be legit.

Additional cashpoints can be found near the entrance to the left luggage facility at the station – these are run by the somewhat more ubiquitous HSBC.

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  1. There are also a few cash points hidden away by the loos tucked away by the shops near the Southeastern “High Speed” platforms

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